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Reling can repair any make of air conditioner in your house.
Reling is very selective and only install the two manufacturers of air conditioners we feel are the best–Trane and York:

Types of ACs

To continue – and to somewhat wrap-up – the topic of ACs from previous blog posts, here we’ll talk about the different types of air conditioners. Most commonly we can summarize them like this: 1- Window ACs – as it’s...
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How to choose an AC?

So – you’ve decided that you want to buy a new AC, however you haven’t started striding through the shops yet. Or, you’ve visited a couple, you’ve seen several different models, you’ve talked with several different clerks but you still...
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Ventilation in the kitchen

The kitchen is the room with the highest amounts of heat and odors. In many houses you can see an aspirator (or less often - an absorber). The difference between the two devices is in the way they work: the...
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The air conditioner – what is it and how does it work?

It’s winter. It’s cold. In some places – it’s really cold. In times like these heating your home sufficiently and efficiently becomes a prime concern. And while an air conditioner is not always the most cost-effective way to do that,...
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Central Airconditioning Units

Air Conditioners | Central Air Conditioning Units | Cooling System

Air Conditioners | Central Air Conditioning Units | Cooling System

York specializes in quality and energy-efficient products. Nearly half of York’s air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces are built to proudly display the ENERGY STAR® label.