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Built right. Built by York. Built in the USA.

More and more we keep hearing news about different businesses having smaller or larger parts of their manufacturing operations moved outside of the US border. Or often times – having all their facilities relocated.

Sadly, the HVAC industry is no different. For example, recently Carrier Corp. confirmed to Inside INdiana Business that the company is planning to relocate its Indianapolis manufacturing operations to a facility in Mexico.

And while we, at Reling HVAC, have no desire to get into the political aspects surrounding the subject of relocating businesses, and while we fully understand the economic circumstances that can make such a decision necessary, we think everyone can agree that it’s simply unfortunate and unpleasant to witness American businesses moving out of the country.

yorkintheusaAt the same time however, as with all bad news, this one also had a silver lining. It reminded us how lucky we are that our main and most trusted partner – York® – not only continues to manufacture all their great products on US soil, but also that they are economically strong and stable enough to keep doing so with no issues and difficulties whatsoever.

Few things feel better than knowing that your partners are the best at what they do.